Our Published Poets

Chapman, Jakob
Thank you for your consideration.
Chappell, Grace Hughes
Hello at Tanka Journal. Thanks for the call for submissions. "...we went to the woods" is one of five submissions of mine. Cheers, Grace Hughes Chappell
Chilicas, Eve
I enjoy reading and writing poetry, I've written a couple poetry books and I appreciate haiku and tanka poems very much.
Chircop, Charmaine
Born in 1977 ,and lives on the island of Malta.
Cipriano, Lorraine
Thank you so much for your consideration of my tanka! ~Lorraine Cipriano
Clark, Thomas
Coates, Meghan
Coningham, Leon
I think that restrictions on structure can enhance creativity. Defined parameters make a writer reach deeper rather than broader in conveying meaning and emotion
Cooper, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Cooper has been a professional writer and editor for over 40 years. His publications include four novels for young adults, the novelization of a popular film series and its nonfiction companion volume, a sci-fi/self-help humor book, and a book on Chinese art. His poems and short stories have appeared both in print and online. He considers himself fortunate to have been born and raised in the Bronx.
Corbett, Julie
Cottrell, Suzanne
Suzanne Cottrell, an Ohio buckeye by birth, lives with her husband and three rescue dogs in rural Piedmont North Carolina. An outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, she enjoys hiking, biking, and Pilates. She loves nature and its sensory stimuli and particularly enjoys writing and experimenting with poetry and flash fiction. Her poetry has appeared in numerous online and print journals including North Carolina's Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, The Avocet, The Remembered Arts Journal, Plum Tree Tavern, Three Line Poetry, Haiku Journal, Tanka Journal, Poetry Quarterly, The MOON, Naturewriting, Dragon Poet Review, Cagibi Literary, and Women's Voices Anthology (These Fragile Lilacs Literary Journal).
Cowles, Matthew
Clearly, after staring at this blank space - I am not adept at writing about myself! A middle aged public servant ~ plagued by the stress and anxiety of work, money, and society... finds release and balance writing mediocre poetry as some desperate effort to find meaning in life.
Crews, Sydney
Dadswell, Tim
Tim lives in Norfolk, England and began writing when he retired from the civil service. He has had work published in The Literary Hatchet, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Fantasia Divinity and Tanka Journal (Issues 5 and 8).
DAngelo, Nicholas

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